Highly respected degrees.
Remarkably reduced costs.

Both Otterbein and Columbus State have a demonstrated history of working to keep higher education affordable. The Dual Admission Program takes affordability to the next level by allowing students to earn two degrees for less than half of the cost of a single, four-year degree at an Ohio public university.
The cost to earn a bachelor’s degree:
Participating in the Columbus State-Otterbein Dual Admission Program makes it possible to graduate with far less debt than the average:
Average student loan debt in Ohio=$29,886
Average student loan nationally=$28,950
*Project on Student Debt, 2019
Maximum savings are achieved through the Dual Admission Program by:
  • Completing two years of study at Columbus State’s low tuition rate
  • Graduating with your associate degree from Columbus State with a minimum GPA of 2.75 (required for Otterbein scholarship)
  • Receiving a $17,000 per year scholarship to Otterbein to complete your bachelor degree
  • Saving housing and meal plan costs by continuing to live at home while you attend college

This chart demonstrates the difference in cost between the Columbus State-Otterbein Dual Admission Program and the average cost for attending an Ohio public or private four-year institution, based on students graduating in four years. Otterbein’s four-year graduation rate is 17% higher than the average graduation rate of Ohio’s public universities, demonstrating our commitment to helping students graduate on time.

Year Dual Admission1 Ohio Public Avg2 Ohio Private Avg2
1 $6,428 $22,180 $50,770
2 $6,428 $22,180 $50,770
3 $17,614 $22,180 $50,770
4 $17,614 $22,180 $50,770
Total $48,084 $88,720 $203,080

1. Tuition and books
2. Avg. tuition and room & board

Using Financial Aid as a Dual Admission student.

Students enrolling in the Dual Admission Program who complete the FAFSA are eligible for the full complement of state and federal need-based aid based on the Expected Family Contribution (EFC) calculated by the federal government. Families may also participate in the federal low-interest Stafford loan program, and the Parent PLUS loan program, and they may work with private lenders. One of the goals of the Dual Admission program is to keep student loan debt as low as possible, so students are counseled to borrow as little as is necessary.