Meet the Dual Admissions Program team!

Tyrone Spencer pictured

Tyrone L. Spencer II
Dual Admission Program Coordinator

Tyrone Spencer serves as the primary advisor for students in the Dual Admission Program, providing support as they plan a program of study that meets the goal of earning two degrees in four years. In addition to admissions and advising support, Tyrone ensures that students are aware of the co-curricular opportunities and the student support services on both campuses. He has offices at both Columbus State and Otterbein, and is available to meet with current and interested students at either campus.

Contact Tyrone if you:

  • Have not yet applied to Columbus State
  • Have applied to Columbus State but not yet begun classes.
  • Are currently a Columbus State student and have earned fewer than 30 credit hours.

Mary Mosca
Assistant Director
Otterbein University

Mary Mosca is the Assistant Director of Adult and Transfer Admissions at Otterbein. She works closely with Amanda to ensure that students are well-prepared to transfer to Otterbein, and feel like an important part of the Otterbein family even while they are attending Columbus State.

Contact Mary Mosca if you:

  • Are a current Columbus State student who has completed 30 credit hours or more at Columbus State and/or through another college/university.
  • Are not currently in college but have earned 30 credit hours or more from Columbus State and/or another college/university.