My academic program isn’t listed in the Dual Admission Program, or I’m not sure what I want to major in. Can I still participate?

Although you won’t be a part of the Dual Admission Program, any student completing a Columbus State associate degree with a 2.75 GPA or higher will be offered the special Otterbein tuition rate. You will need to complete a transfer application and submit official transcripts. Our transfer admission representatives will work with you closely during the transfer process, so you know where you are every step of the way.

I didn’t earn my associate degree, or I don’t have a 2.75 GPA. Can I still transfer and get the scholarship?

Students who have not completed an associate degree and earned a 2.75 GPA are not eligible for the special tuition rate, however, you are welcome to complete a transfer application. Otterbein has generous merit scholarships for transfer students, based on their application materials and grades.

How will I know what courses to take?

The joint academic advisor, Amanda Talbott, understands both academic catalogues. You will meet with Amanda regularly to make sure you are taking the correct Columbus State courses based on Otterbein major you have chosen.

Is admission to Otterbein really guaranteed?

Students participating in the Dual Admission Program do not need to complete a second application, or send transcripts and other information to be reviewed by Otterbein. As long as you earn your Columbus State associate degree with a 2.75 GPA or higher, you will be able to transition to Otterbein’s campus to complete your bachelor degree.

Do I have to take the ACT or SAT to participate in the Dual Admission program?

Students apply to Columbus State and meet Columbus State’s admission requirements. Columbus State does not require either the ACT or SAT for admission, however, if a student has taken either test, the score may be used for course placement.

What if I decide I want to live on campus?

The Dual Admission Program is a non-residential program so students do not live on campus or in off-campus apartments. Much of the program’s overall college cost savings comes from continuing to live at home during  your college career. On average, this saves students $11,000 per year in room and board charges, which is an important part of reducing your overall college costs.

I already have college credit through College Credit Plus. Does that count?

Yes, credit earned through the State of Ohio’s College Credit Plus program will count. You will need to send an official college transcript to Columbus State for the credit to be evaluated. While all earned credit “counts” not every course may fit into a student’s academic plan.

Can I play varsity sports at Otterbein while I’m enrolled at Columbus State?

NCAA rules don’t allow students who are enrolled at one college to play for another. You will be welcomed to try out once you have fully transitioned to Otterbein. Otterbein has 21 NCAA Division III teams.

What if I change my major while I’m in the program?

By working closely with your academic advisors, you will minimize any disruptions that occur from changing majors. Whether or not a change of major would require you to be enrolled for additional semesters will depend on the major you are switching from and to, as well as how far along in your program you are (the earlier you make a change the better.) Regardless of when you would change your major, Otterbein will offer the special reduced tuition rate as long as you meet the other conditions of the program, even if you need an additional semester or two to complete your new major.